Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sentimental Fall

It's just one beautiful, quiet and sentimental Sunday picnic in the beginning of Fall. We expected to see the foliage or so called Leaf-Peeping in that day. But I guess we should have waited one or two more weeks, so that we can see the full change colors of the leaves. Regardless, it was the most beautiful day!

I love how Summer transits into Autumn, that everything becomes quite strange, somehow for no reason, it makes you feel sort of sad, or makes you feel like something has to be done soon!!! Autumn makes my husband and I feel the same way. Perhaps because the chill, the wind, the birds are constantly roaming around in the sky consulting about their migrations, the leaves are dancing with the wind, the sunlight flickers through the trees. Autumn makes me feel like everything in on a pause, but something lingers around me and the next minute you know, you feel like you have to RUSH! RUSH!

But other than the misery of what Autumn brings, It also offers the most beautiful scene though. Everything is so colorful. The sky is beautiful. The leaves are in the various shades spell. The sunlight is just perfect. Everywhere you turn, you feel like you're living in the painting. I wish I could watercolor everything in my painting book.

If I want to take family photo together (when I have kids of course), I would choose Autumn!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On The Road Again

Just a few days escape from hectic daily routine by driving all the way to West Virginia before summer is over.

I found new way to document our things and I like that I don't have to make effort to make it look great. Because I want to enjoy every moment without having to focus on taking pictures and video too much. That's why I love my new tiny toy. Make my vacation a lot easier.

I would love to write on how our days go by. But I don't have time for that now. The video does all the explaination but writing the story is definitely more beautiful. Someday in few years later, I found this post again and smile to myself thinking about those days.

Alright, later.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

100 Random Facts

So this is the second challenge the grannies--who is our long time blogger--came up with. We did it before. I think it was like 5 years ago. Let me find the post real quick. Okay, here it is 100 facts of mine, and Nathary's. I also have Kelly, but I think she's so mean to share it here. LOL But look like I was granted with permission from Kelly now.

Alright, now I'm 26, writing this another updated 100 facts. There would be some changes to it and some new found facts I've discovered. Let's see. But pardon me for writing random facts that long. I just don't know how to make it short. Because I'll just let it flow without having to edit and summarize it or blah blah.

1) People see me as a chatter box, talking machine but little do they know that I come home getting so tired. Ummm but well, I guess it makes sense when you spend so much energy talking. haha
2) Actually, the truth is I'm an introvert. I've read articles about introvert and it feels so right. Especially when I found my husband is an introvert, I found myself too, because looking at him is like looking at myself in the mirror.
3) They said we should always learn from your past experiences. And should I tell you that I don't have much to learn from, but from other people's more than my own? I look at how they do things, make their decisions and the outcome. And I tell you, we can avoid making a lot of bad decision, having a lot of regrets, and making a lot of mistakes.
4) I grow up thinking I'm a very indecisive person, but I'm not. I'm very decisive. I know exactly what I want, what to do, where to go. If I got caught being indecisive about something or someone, I know right away that's not I want, and I'm gonna give up on that eventually, or it's not gonna work out in time. And I learn that from my one big experience. 
5) I don't like people being indecisive, especially people that has gone through a lot of things and still make the same mistakes and still doing the same thing. Make change, people. Life is short, you don't have time for that. 
6) I'm a lot practical than I ever was. I don't wear my glass looking the world in pink color. I don't go around and please people. I don't spend time on others more than my people who is closed to my heart. I don't go around trying to make people smile. I think we should spend our time wisely and onpeople who is matter most. 
7) People see me as a transparent. What you see is what you gets. But now I'm learning to be otherwise. People who should see me crystal clear is my people. Though I know it's hard, when it is your nature. But I believe we can change or control whatever you want in your life. 
8) I found myself a lot when I'm here. I was told I'm like a sun that shines, that my smile makes people's day, very capable, very independent, kind, smart, pretty, fast... etc. I'm not good with compliments, esp when they stopped me and thrown those words right in front your face and I don't know how I should react. But I took a lot of pride in it. That's when I realized that:
9) People should learn to compliment other people. Open your heart and dare to say what you see in that person. Because most of Khmer people only know how to point your imperfections and remain their mouth shut about your perfection. You never know that you can change perspectives in a person of how they look at themselves. I learned to pick up that good habit and I started with my own family. My brothers, my mum, my dad, and my husband deserve all the compliments and love from me, and I'm not afraid to say it out loud to them anymore and they need to know that about them too.
10) I take a lot of pride about love and relationship. I'm so proud that I'm able to take a good care of my heart, no bruise, no wound, so pure and only give it to a person that truly deserve it and know how to appreciate it. And I'm so fortunate to be given back the pure love and heart that has been taking care for 4 decades. 
11) I'm very protective of people that is closed to my heart. I take it very seriously. You wouldn't know how I would stand up and protect my people. And I don't believe it myself too. You cross my line is fine, cross my people, you are a dead meat. Seriously. I don't care who you are.
12) People see me as a person who would never get angry. But to a certain point, my temper boiled hot to 1000F.
13) I don't like being teased and mocked. I don't do that to people too.
14) I found it very fascinating watching people and look at how they of things and make decision. And when I found that my husband fascinates about people more than I do, I leave the job to him. 
15) I always carry notebook that never been written.
16) My purse is a trashes bin when my car is a trashes truck.
17) I used to spend less than 30mn washing up and getting dressed, or even 10mn but now 30mn goes to being bathroom alone.
18) I see myself becoming a boring person.
19) Most of the time I wonder what if I pursue myself more, what if I give myself that chance that I always want to have by finishing my degree, working in a professional career here, or what if I go to culinary class and become a pastry chef, and I also want to be a nurse, but then I know for certain that what is more important to me is to be with my family, making my kids becoming a person that I want them to be, feeding my husband belly.
20) I'm a very touchy person, especially men. I grow up rubbing my dad's belly, riding my uncle's neck and now I can't go a day without leaning on my husband, rubbing his big belly and soft butts.
21) I attract to men's smell. Not those perfumes they wear, and not all men. I love smelling dad's smell, my uncle's and of course my husband. I can't get enough of it. 
22) I thought I'm kind of afterthought kind of person, but no I'm every informative and my head has already done the generation and my heart has already nodded in approval before I decided to do something. 
23) I can easily yawn over a boring conversation or when I'm sitting in passenger seat. That's why I need to talk, or drive.
24) I'm such a pillow, bed, blanket person and attract to anything soft. 
25) I love hammock. Not hammock that we sit on, but those that we sleep in. If it's big and comfy, I'm all for it. 
26) I'm a lazy bum. But I also like keeping myself busy. Not at home, but at work or anywhere else.
27) I think I'm very creative when I let myself to. I love crafts, DYI, sewing, knitting... And I'm a self-taught. The first creative project i did on computer was trying to learn photoshop by using stroke and pluggin drawing mountain, lakes, grass, home. And the first sewing I did on machine was trying to make my dolls new clothes. And the first crotchets and knitting I tried to make was my dolls' hat, purse and doilies.
28) I think the best gifts I ever appreciate is time and thought they put into it. Because I do that too. I know how it is.
29) I never went on date with anyone, not after I'm married. But most of guys I went out with thought it was when apparently it's not. Even my husband thought the day we first had dinner was our first date. And IT WAS NOT. It was a business dinner. Hellooooo.
30) I'm not sure if I mention I'm more practical above. Pardon me, I'm lazy to go back and read. Anyway I'm very practical now. I didn't look into the world through a pink glass. I don't do that anymore.
31) Facebook is making feel like I'm turning into pessimistic kind of person. Because you have known that person and have seen how they are in real life, but when you look in their status update, I wish I can go and shake them up, "C'on, be real, man! Stop faking yourself!"
32) As I grow older, I find that I'm able to accept a lot of things and consequences. Because I believe everything happens and the outcomes come from you. It's your byproduct. So you have nobody to blame but to look at yourself first.
33) I'm not saying you have to constantly blame on yourself, but you have to be able to look at yourself, really look and accept your flaw and change from it. So that you can grow. I do that often. I need to know before I go to bed and close myself that what have I done today, and what if I've done it differently.
34) My obsession never last long. My interest float from one thing to another and eventually it comes back again. 
35) But I can easily develop new interest in everything. 
36) I always want to travel to Paris and Italy. But I don't just want to go there. Because when I come back from the trip, I want to havebaby. So there, you get my idea. Go to city of love and romance with my lover and make babies. HAHAHA.
37) I love good products. Anything that durable, comfortable, valuable, but no branded name please. I'm not comfortable walking around carry Michael Korr purse with its big MK!!!! 
38) I love being invisible to people, like I'm not too outstanding, but unique in my way. I like keeping things simple in the way I dress and I love dressing appropriately to elders. When I got compliments on the way I dress, how I speak and act from old people, I was like, "phewww"
39) Because, I don't know, I love old people and kids. And I kind of want to get approval from them. Is that make sense?
40) I pee a lot. Hahaha sorry. But I don't poop when I'm on trip or somewhere besides home. 
41) That leads me to fart. When I fart, i makes no sound or smell. HAHA. I'm so sorry! I run out of facts. 100! And I'm on 40! Darn it!
42) I love lamps. I can keep buying many lamps.
43) In my whole life, I've never been skinny. Even in my very skinny time during my puberty, I still look chubby. But it never upset me, because at least I don't look like chicken. Tiny feet, huge body. 
44) And I love man with belly. My husband has been vegetarian, and now haha he has to carry belly everyday now.
45) I could talk all day about my husband and I don't want to bore people out. See? When you truly love a person, you don't want to hide him/her from the world because you want the world to see how amazing he/she Sind how lucky I am. 
46) I can talk all day about my family too. How proud I am and all the good and fun times we had. And that's why I found it everything interesting when people talk about their family and their lover, explaining all the things they fond of their people. 
47) I'm a very good listener. And I find that people like to talk. So most of the time, I like questioning them. That's why old people love me. I guess.
45) but I becomes a talk machine when I know people need to feel comfortable and I have to strike the conversation and it goes on nonstop. 
46) People like telling me their secrets. I don't mind help keeping them.
47) I like spending a lot on little things, everything I need everyday, for my hobby. But I'm very wise spending big money on big thing. But fortunately I always get big thing for free. Like my phones has never been over than $200. 
48) I'm attracted to classical music. So of course I grow up loving our old music, I love American country music, and last time I went to a good afghan restaurant, I was drawn by their classical music they play on piano or some sort of traditional instrument. 
49) I was a child with many dream. I wanted to be a doctor, a police officer, singer even though I'm suck at singing, a chef, a pastry chef and I took an culinary school for a month too learning how to carve fruits. I wanted to work in office, walking around in heels even though I don't know how to wear heels. I wanted to be a classical dancer. I spent years bending my hands for this. The list goes on. But one true and big dream I want to be and would never quit is being a wonderful wife to my husband and a loving mother to my child's. 
50) I know how to dream, and I'm grateful to my family who taught me how to dream, map out my picture, and somehow a lot of my dreams have been realized, from teeny tiny dream to big. 

I know they are not really facts at some points. But that's the best I can do.
My god, writing 100 facts last time was not that hard!
50 more to go! Man! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY#1: Painted Mason Jars

I love colors! I love mason jars! And I love the combination of beautiful pop of colors with mason jars! I bought them in 3 different sizes for using in kitchen storing my cooking spices and also for some buttons & pencils. Now let's turn them into rustic beautiful flowers vases.

You need:

1- Mason Jars
2- Acrylic Craft Paints (I decided to go with my favorite pastel colors)
3- Paint Brushes
4- Sandpaper (Make rustic look)
5- Flowers Twines (Optional. For decoration)
6- Tacky Glue/Crazy Glue (Optional)
7- Faux Flowers

Most of items i used are from Michaels. I got them a lot cheaper using coupons

First clean up the jars and start apply one coat of paint on the jar and saving the bottom for later. Turn it upside down and start painting the bottom. Leave it dry for 15-20 min then apply another coat. Now they have a perfect pop of colors. If you want a deeper color, you can go ahead and apply the third coat. Let them stand few hours.

When it's completely dry, I want to give them a vintage rustic look by using sandpaper to rough them up a little bit. After distressing them, now it's time for some decoration. I use flowers twine cords wrapping around the mouth of the jars. And that's it!!! But if you want to add some more touch, just attach flowers or buttons with crazy glue. I otherwise will use it as flower vases, so I'll keep it simple like this. 

Now that's it all done, arrange your flowers to your preference!

I've done a lot of DIYs but I have been too lazy to put things together for a post. But today I decided to move my butt and post this DIY projects I did lately! Yay!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celebration of passing mid twenty something

My birthday was a week ago. I went to bed hearing husband whispered "Happy Birthday, baby" and woke up hearing him whispered "Happy Birthday, baby" and then he kept annoying me by saying "Happy Birthday, baby" for a whole day before he went to work, FaceTime me at work, the moment he walked into the door back from work, while driving out for dinner, while having dinner, while coming back home, before going to bed, before he finally turned around and Zzzzz. I'm pretty sure it was closed to a hundred time.

I was surprised I didn't dream about "Happy Birthday, baby" that night.

It was snowing on that day, that my husband had to text me and FaceTime me to make sure I look out the window that he called it" White birthday."
He's annoying I know, but I love it. Haha.

Knowing how excited husband was (and I was not) about snowing on my day, I decided to dress up; grab my instant camera; go outside and took a photo.

I thought 26 is going to be a big change for me, but no, I think I've changed since I'm married to this amazing man -- my better half who each day gives me love, joy and happiness and has embraced me and let me grow into woman he can be more proud of.

... I guess? hehehe

Dear Birthday, let's be a grown-up and act like adult and this is going to last birthday post ever. Just because I think there's nothing special about birthday celebration when you're not a kid anymore. 

Let the day be the day to reflect what have you been through; all the choices you made; what change you need to make; the plans you have and what you need to do to make them happen. I wished to fast-forward my age to 26 & 30 sooner when I was 18, but I guess I'll choose to enjoy every age and stage I goes through rather than wishing I'm getting old faster. Because life does fly somehow in spaceflight speed and I miss out a lot of things and people when I was busy focus only on one thing. 

Last but not least, dear birthday, let my heart be content, be young, be humble, be eager, be courious like a child, but let my head has all the answers for all the things in the world. Let me has no fear in doing what I want to do even in the face of uncertainty; let me be confident that I can do anything I set my heart to; let me be brave enough to believe in myself; let me still love people for the way they are, let me be inspired and love. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I think that are beautiful. Genuinely beautiful.

I used to wonder what it takes to look at myself, really, really look and be okay with what I see. I'm not feeling just okay, but beautiful, loved and happy.

Three positive thoughts of this month is:

#1. Life is my friend and I'm everyday learning to trust it more and more. I dance with life. Listen to it and follow the river of change. Fight life is like fighting myself, it won't bring anything positive. Life can be hard sometimes, yet it's only because it's trying to teach us lessons, it's always pushing us to grow. I guess it's all good and part of the game.

#2. Love yourself first. That's how you're able to give love to people around you and attract all the good things and good people to you. It all starts from loving yourself.

#3. Be grateful. Be appreciated. Always. Count all the blessing you have like counting all the chocolate you have in your pocket.

This post is about what I think I can't live without and forever make my life beautiful:

My family.
Anything that help me reliving my beautiful memories.
My ONE and ONLY ~ Husband.

last but not least, Me.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I made some video to send to my mom around the home a week ago, but then I pulled together the clips into this short video to share.

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